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Not bad for a little music blog still managed by a single individual with the . From there it shifts into full power psychedelic trance with twilight and Suomi. News, links, articles, photography, inspirational quotations, and random musings from the founder and lead curator of Ektoplazm, the world's leading free music. Welcome to the very first, complete, up-to-date Psytrance styles guide. why author prefers to call these tracks Psytrance and not Progressive Psy in the blog.

I was always thinking, too bad that guide is abandoned, outdated, and hence no longer reflect the variety of genres we have today, in Psytrance in particular. 20 May With roots in the psychedelic rock movement, psytrance has evolved to become one of the most beloved and innovative subgenres of electronic. As the Global Psytrance scene grows bigger and the demand for information about Psytrance Festivals and Psytrance Music is increasing as well, Trancentral .

26 users here now. Goa and Psychedelic trance culture related links. About Psytrance: Psytrance wiki · Psytrance genre and album guide. Listen to Psytrance . Discover psytrance and blog resources. Free Directory of Electronic Music sites. (Blog) Dance Culture /// Steph's 30th birthday party Fri 23/02/ / March 13, by Only psytrance in the main barn and chill out/alternative in the cottage.


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