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Reflection Across The Y Axis

Reflect over the x-axis: refX1. When you reflect a point across the x-axis, the x- coordinate remains the same, but the y-coordinate is transformed into its opposite . A reflection maps every point of a figure to an image across a fixed line. The fixed line is called the line of reflection. Some simple reflections can be performed easily in the coordinate plane A reflection of a point over the y -axis is shown. 1) y = -f(x) (This is the reflection about the x-axis of the graph y = f(x).) the green graph is simply the same as the blue graph folded down across the x-axis.

Reflection across the y axis. Reflection across the y axis. Create AccountorSign In. Drop Image Here. f (x)=(x −3)3− x +5. 1. − f (x). 2. f (− x). 3. − f (− x). 4. 5. Reflections: Interactive Activity. Reflect a point across x axis, y axis and other lines. Making the output negative reflects the graph over the x-axis, or the line y = 0. Here are the graphs of y = f (x) and y = - f (x). Note that if (x, y1) is a point on the.

The preimage has been reflected across he y-axis. This means, all of the x- coordinates have been multiplied by You can describe the reflection in words, . Helps students to see the relationship of the coordinates. Students will be able to notice the changes of the coordinates when an image is reflected across the y-axis.


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